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Chikka lands on Android Market

April 25, 2011

Chikka, the popular instant messenger (IM) that sends free text messages to mobile phones in the Philippines announced the release of its Chikka Text Messenger for Android phones.

“We live in the era of smartphones; really handheld computers integrated with a mobile phone allowing users to install advanced applications. Android itself is the platform found in the greatest number of smartphones held by Filipinos and today, Chikka makes its free text messaging app available to this new generation,” said Chito Bustamante, Chikka chief executive officer.

The Chikka for Android app allows users to send free messages to any Philippine mobile. Meanwhile, replying to a Chikka message via text is available at bucket prices PHP5 for ten messages and PHP20 all-day unlimited, making it some of the most cost-efficient means of communications between Filipinos locally or globally.

Last year, Chikka made its Chikka Text Messenger available on the AppStore for use on iPhones. The company is also set to release its Blackberry and Symbian apps to serve an even wider smartphone market.

Bustamante said: “Chikka has always been about uniting folks wherever they may be and regardless of their primary means; whether that’s text or instant messaging, whether they’re on a fixed computer or a mobile device, a regular phone or today’s smartphone, on-line or off-line, and whether one has load or not.”

“Our applications are made to be “as simple as text,” yet therein lies their sophistication, enabled as they are on any device and any platform, free of traditional cost constraints and providing great value to our users.”

About Chikka

Founded in 2001, Chikka’s flagship is the Chikka Messenger, an online application that supports the delivery of instant messages as SMS to mobile phones. According to the company, Chikka Messenger, now with over 68 million registered users, is probably the most widely-used and viewed Internet and mobile-based communications tool by Filipinos worldwide.  Click here to download the Chikka Messenger app for Android. For iPhone users, the latest version of the Chikka Text Messenger app is also available in the Appstore .